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Edit Foto Online Free

Edit Foto - List of online photo editing sites are free :

1. Photofunia
This is my favorite site in terms of photo editing. We can edit the photos love-love in this website with features that exist. Provided a lot of frames / frames that can be selected according to desire. With it we can make the effect as if the photos we installed in a building, billboards, magazines, bottles and others. Immediately drove to tkp in just let me be direct practice.

2. Faceinhole.
I honestly never used the services of this site even though no less famous than PhotoFunia. He said, FACEinHOLE provide web services that users can make photos into figures are preferred. After the results so we can post to various social networking or blog sites like friendster, myspace, bloggers and others. Interested? Please edit photos online at

3. Pizap
Edit Foto - Pizap is one of the most photo editing sites gokil think. Options frame provided funny-lucu.Di this site we can edit and add effects, knick knacks, text and even add facial expressions. Please proven itself in Guaranteed cool!

4. Picnik
This site provides free or paid services. For a free version you can take advantage of features such as effects tools, shapes, fonts, frames and touch up.Sedang for a premium or paid in addition to enjoying all the facilities of free and ad-free version, also equipped with a new special tool called Advanced editing, seamless connection to all your favorite photo sharing sites, priority support, the memory image and photo history without borders, as well as exclusive content and previews of new features. No harm in trying in not it?

5. Pixenate
Edit Foto, Sites that are addressed in features zooming, enhancing and cropping, resizing, whitening, red eye, sepia, fun effects and more. I can not provide a review in detail because it is also just found out yesterday after googling and still have not tried. Please proven itself prowess like what?

6. Festisite.
By using this site services we can put our faces on the currencies of various countries. Good luck in

7. Funny
I think the site is similar to PhotoFunia only with a different template which is funnier. Address in

8. Fakemagazinecover
It's suitable for you who are obsessed to become a model .. hehe Because the templates are provided for your photo editing is magazine cover with a wide choice. Cool! Please try the

9. Makemebabies
Haha .. cute ni site because it can predict the baby's face that will be born to a married couple. If you intend to have children there is no harm in uploading your pictures and your partner's face and then see what kind of baby would you guys born later. Try here

10. Hairmixer
Here it is for you who like a hairdo. Before going to the salon first try how you look when wearing hair pieces like those of celebrities. Interesting not

11. Be Funky
This site gives you the option quite a lot of effects too. I liked one of them is able to make our pictures look like cartoons hehehe .. Take a look at BeFunky.

12. FunPhotoBox
Website this one also provides an online photo editing service. To use it there are three steps that select securities, upload photos and then save the results: D. Very easy to use. Simply try on FunPhotoBox.

13. Photo505
Once entered into this website you will immediately treated to a rich assortment of theme / frame where you will be able to put a face on the photos you upload to replace the face on the theme. Because it supports Face Detection Technology. Please go directly to the scene in photo505.

14. Dumpr
Please go here tkp dumpr.

15.BigHugesLabs Flicker

16. Write On It

Welcome on WriteOnIt.
Here you can easily create your photomontage, free cards, magazine covers and other funny jokes for you and your friends.
Start now!

Such was the greeting when entering the site. Yes, by utilizing write on it, we can photomontage creation, free cards, magazine covers, and a more exciting we can put our faces in a celebrity world's top agencies. Visit write On It.

17. MagMyPic
We can put our pictures in a magazine cover. Try MagMyPic.

18. Loonapix
The features provided include, loonapic effects, photo frames, face effect, calendar wallpaper, create gif. Visit loonapix.

19. Wow Funny
Take a look here, this is similar as PhotoFunia but also okay to try. Please go to Funnywow

20. Making Any

Apply a lot of nice and funny photo effects to joke with your friends. AnyMaking online photo fun effects your everyday's converts pictures into beautiful artworks! Select photo fun special effects, upload your picture and that's it!

Or that in Indonesian it means roughly like this, make a lot of funny and cool photo effects for joking with your friends. AnyMaking online photo effects funny transform your everyday photos into a beautiful work of art. Choose a special photo effects funny, upload your picture and be! Please click here to start trying the free service AnyMaking.

It is also one cool photo editing site that deserves two thumbs. : D It is suitable for jocks like you-you. Anyway gothic, gokil, metal, funky, top abis deh. : Thumbup: Try aja Blingee. Btw, someone asks me where to edit photos online that there is an impression of his magic. Just try to use blingee! : D

22. Gross Out
Photo editing sites that have bulging eyes and the picture will look to follow the direction of the cursor can edit the photos that we upload from our computers or take directly from a webcam. Try the gross out.

23. Cut My Pic
Online photo editing sites that can be used to cut (cut) images and the results can be sent via email or directly stored on a PC (personal computer). Click here cutmypic.

24. Foto Flexer
Website photo editing on this one too we can use his services for free. We can upload a photo from your computer, or edit the photos from photobucket, facebook, myspace, flickr, picasa and some other photo websites directly. Try it FotoFlexer.

25. Phxir
Time into this site emang somewhat scary atmosphere, because there is blood background. But once the clicking the get started we can begin to edit a photo like Photo Flexer, we can upload from your computer from photobucket, facebook, myspace, flickr, Picasa, Webshots, etc.. Try here Phixr.

26. Blibs
Wow, this is also one of my favorites. Features and effects provided enough and cool-cool. Feeling Photosop online. Try it, but do not be so giddy to see the menu options are pretty much hehe ... Click here Blibs.

PhotoFunia is similar, but the frame provided different and more cool. But, unfortunately use Mandarin becomes confused: D. If you want to try to open the site should use an online dictionary english Indonesia aja not let me go first headache hehe .. Try it here

28. Pic Joke
His name is aja joke pic, definitely funny dong .. hehe we can transform our image into a funny picture with this service. There are so many options are given effect. And more delicious again supports the Indonesian site. So, who the English language a bit messy as I can use it without confusion. Want to try? Immediately wrote off to the pic joke.

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